Can you tell me more about your team?

We have a wonderful team of intelligent, polite, caring and committed staff, who work hard to ensure that our tenants, buyers, landlords, and sellers are always well looked after and happy with our service. This, we believe, is the essence of running a successful estate agency in St Albans. As an independent estate and lettings agency, it is our number one aim to protect our excellent reputation and expand our business through recommendations and word of mouth. Over the years, since we founded Let Me Properties in June 2008 and then Moulton Estates in 2015, we have built a
fantastic reputation in St Albans. We are very proud of the level of service we give, which we work very hard to maintain at all times.

Will you provide a high quality service?

You need an estate agent you can trust who are looking out for your best interests, not theirs. At Moulton Estates, just like at Let Me Properties, our ethos is “Clients for life”. We know that looking after our clients’ interests over all else will result in a lasting relationship that in the long term will be far more beneficial to both parties than a fleeting one-time client who gets ripped off. Our aim is to grow our independent family business through word of mouth and quality service. Therefore, each and every client who instructs us will receive a quality of service to tell their friends about. Who needs rip-off estate agents who push their agenda on their clients, when you can rather work with Moulton Estates and have it your way every day!

Why wouldn’t I want to hire a cheaper estate agent?

We know that sellers have a lot of “cheaper” options out there, whether that’s online agents who claim to offer “High Street Service” or other agents desperate for business willing to reduce their fees to untenable levels. We’re not looking to sell everyone’s home and if fees are the number one factor you’re using to determine which agent to employ, then we may not be right for you. We know that by employing Moulton Estates, a quality experienced local estate agent, our clients will achieve better results and overall cost savings. However, on paper, we’re not trying to be the cheapest estate agents in St Albans, we’re here to be the best estate agents in St Albans. Our fees are fair and our terms are clear. We will work to achieve the best outcome for you and deliver the best service possible. Best of all, we work on a ‘No Sale, No fee’ basis.

What happens if there are any problems along the way?

Sometimes there are issues that slow down the sales process, this might be issues with the chain, problems with the buyers mortgage, or problems with the conveyancing paperwork. We’ll be on hand to investigate the issues and keep you informed along the way. Our goal is to ensure that your needs are met, even if that means going back to previous offers or withdrawing your property from the market altogether. We’re here to form a partnership with you to help you achieve your goals, not to pressure you into anything you don’t want.

Can you recommend a good solicitor to help me sell my property?

We have partnerships with great local and national conveyancing solicitors with whom we work often. We will obtain conveyancing quotes for you early on so you’re able to budget ahead and shop around. However, we are confident that the solicitors we recommend will offer you fantastic rates that often can’t be beaten. Conveyancing regularly takes the most time within the process of selling your property and we will be on hand every step of the way. We will act as a bridge between both parties solicitors to ensure that they are communicating efficiently and cannot blame one another for lack of action. We will be on hand to assist you and answer your questions, provide office support such as certifying documents for you to send to your solicitor electronically, and generally, we’ll be there to walk both you and your buyers smoothly through the entire process.

Will you work to get me the best price for my property?

Selling your property isn’t just about marketing it well and taking people around for viewing appointments. One of the key areas where good estate agents prove that they are great estate agents is during the negotiations of offers. We will negotiate to obtain the results you are looking for, whether that’s the highest price, the fastest sale, or a combination of both. Our team will ensure that we gather all of the vital information you need in order to consider the offers we present to you, including how the buyers will be funding the purchase, whether the buyers have a chain (and the details of any chain) and all the other valuable information you might need to know before you commit to accepting their offer. We will then communicate this detailed offer to you and present you with our advice on the offer, on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Will you give me feedback after viewing appointments?

It’s often very useful to you to receive feedback from the potential buyers we have shown your property to. This helps you know what people are looking for and why, on that occasion, those buyers didn’t make an offer to buy your property. Viewing feedback is also one of the main ways we generate follow-up viewing appointments and offers. We focus our time and attention on getting as much feedback as we can to ensure that we aren’t missing any opportunities to sell your property.

Will you sell my property by having an “Open Day”?

When demand is strong enough, we will often market your property by Open Day. This is where we will book a number of viewings to all be within a small block of time on a particular day. This is helpful for two main reasons. Firstly, because it shows that other people are interested in your property and that your property is desirable. Second, it means that any disruption to you is minimised because we can show a larger number of people your property in a shorter period of time. When the market is not as strong as it usually is and there aren’t enough potential buyers to hold a full Open Day, we will group our viewing appointments together, wherever possible, to form “Mini Open Days”. This has many of the same benefits and helps to make the most of slower market conditions.

Do I have to carry out the viewing appointments personally?

We will take care of all of the organisation when selling your property and we’ll take steps to remove as much stress for you as possible. One of these steps is by carrying out the viewing appointments on your behalf. We will arrange all of the appointments and then we’ll meet with potential buyers to show them your property and answer their questions. Our management of this situation for you allows potential buyers to be completely honest with us about any reservations they might have, giving us the perfect opportunity to ease any concerns and assess whether or not they are serious buyers who can be trusted to complete on the purchase of your property, should they make an offer.

Will my property be shown on Rightmove and Zoopla?

In today’s modern world of selling properties, property portals are very important. A very large percentage of buyers will see their next home on either rightmove or zoopla before coming to have a look at it. This is why it is so important to ensure that your property is marketed in an exclusive way with attention to detail and top quality particulars by an estate agent who will list your property on BOTH rightmove and zoopla. Rightmove is the most well known of the two main property portals. However, zoopla has a very large following with younger professional buyers and in fact is often found to be the more trusted option of the two by professionals working in London. With St Albans and the surrounding areas being such a popular choice for buyers who wish to commute into London, it’s vitally important that you choose an estate agent who knows how to appeal to these types of buyers.

Why doesn’t everyone use cheap online estate agents these days?

Our high street offices are based at the top of Hatfield Road on the intersection with St Peters Street. This busy intersection provides fantastic exposure for the properties proudly displayed in our window to both the thousands of cars driving past and the hundreds of people walking past each day. With excellent schools on our doorstep, we see a lot of local parents taking notice of our properties and coming in to ask for further information. We also receive a lot of interest from commuters who walk past our offices each day on their way to St Albans City Station. We’re in an excellent location to reach your target market, St Albans’ parents and commuters. Cheap online estate agents can’t possibly offer you the same local experience, expertise, and knowledge that we can. Very often the “Local Property Expert” that the online estate agents claim they’ll send you is responsible for a huge patch that could span 20 miles! There’s no way that they’ll be able to offer you the same dedicated local service and knowledge that a high street estate agent like us could.

Does my property need a floor plan and energy performance certificate (EPC)?

A floor plan is vitally important for the marketing of your property. Rightmove research has found that online adverts with floor plans are seen on average THREE TIMES as many times as those adverts without floor plans. That’s why we include floor plans free of charge with our exclusive selling service when vendors also opt to get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) carried out by one of our approved providers. Should you already have an EPC then we would be happy to arrange for a floor plan to be created for your property for a very small additional cost. An EPC is required by law when marketing any property for sale or rent in the UK, so you may well already have one for your property.

Will you produce great photos of my property?

First impressions are so important when marketing a property. The first time most buyers will see your property will be online on one of the UK’s top property portals, such as rightmove.co.uk or zoopla.co.uk. To make your property stand out from the hundreds of properties available for sale in the area, we include free professional photography with all of our listings. The quality of the photographs we produce is very impressive, resulting in an increase in interest in your property.

How does the property marketing work?

We take pride in producing the best property marketing material around. This is the first impression of value your future buyers will have about your property. We want our property marketing materials to be as attractive as your property deserves and to set the standard early on that your property is special and deserves a visit. Modern-day house hunting has evolved throughout the years. There are so many options out there that if the buyers don’t like what they see in the first few seconds they’ll look at the next property. We’re here to ensure that your property stands out from the crowd and wows potential buyers from the very first time they see it.

Where does the sales process begin?

A member of our experienced, dedicated team will meet with you at your property to assess your property and provide you with an up-to-date market appraisal. We will research the specific market conditions for selling a property like yours and we will give you our honest advice about the best way to achieve your goals. Often a vendor’s main goal is to achieve the highest price for their property. However, in some cases, your goal might be to achieve a good sale price quickly. Other times you might need to be very selective about your buyers to ensure that they can complete on the purchase of your property in the required time span. Whatever your needs, we will discuss them with you during the free market appraisal meeting and we’ll explain how we can help you achieve your goals. Some estate agents have received a bad reputation over the years for overvaluing a property just to win the business, then lowering the price after the vendor has signed on the dotted line. We are totally against this tactic. We are here to build a relationship with you and to work with you from start to finish. In order for the sale of your property to go smoothly, we will develop a relationship built on trust and commitment to providing you with the best service we can.

Aren’t all estate agents in the same?

No way! We are not your average estate agents in St Albans. We pride ourselves on always delivering more than is expected of us – just take a look at our testimonials, or speak with one of our
existing clients. We care about all of our clients, their properties, and their goals and we are here to help our clients achieve those goals. With our background in lettings from our very successful letting agency, Let Me Properties, we take a completely different approach to sales than most other estate agents. We put our clients’ needs above our own and we are happy to work long hours,
make those additional phone calls, write those additional letters, and go that extra mile. Lettings requires a lot more hands on hard graft than sales estate agents usually put in. As this is where it all started for us, we’re accustomed to getting the job done and keeping everyone in the loop while we’re doing it. Our clients are extremely important to us and their needs and goals are our top priority.

How do I know I can trust you?

Because we are honest and transparent. We will give you an accurate market appraisal. Many agents will quote you a high sales value, but then will not deliver in the time frame you require. We don’t need to wow vendors with false promises of high values and then fail to deliver. We charge fair fees with no hidden extras. We are transparent and upfront about how we charge and how we work.

Will you market my property better than another estate agent?

We provide professional property photography free of charge for all properties that we market for sale. This helps to make your property stand out from the hundreds of other properties on sale in the area, making sure that the first impression of your property is a great one! The quality of the photographs we produce is impressive, and the increase in interest on your property will be noticeable.

Do you have buyers interested in buying properties like mine?

We have a vast waiting list of buyers who we regularly keep in touch with. We actively work to match the most suitable buyers to
your property, as quickly as possible. These registered buyers might have missed out on a similar property to yours that we
recently marketed, they might be one of our professional tenants looking to buy a home, or they might be a new buyer who:
● Walked into our city centre offices
● Registered on our active high ranking website
● Called in from one of our prominent For Sale and Sold boards around St Albans
● Were recommended to register with Moulton Estates by previous clients or tenants
● Know of us through our great reputation and extensive local brand awareness, including our support of local charities
● Found us through our extremely active social media networks, high visibility online advertising, and top presence on Google

How do I know that you can sell my home?

Because we are experienced! Between us, we have accumulated over 20 years of experience in the estate agent arena, meaning we have specialist knowledge
of not only the industry and its regulations and requirements, but of St. Albans and surrounding areas. Regardless of the market
conditions, our experience will maximise your opportunity and help you achieve your aims.